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The Cologne Cable car is the first in Europe to have been built over a river. Located in Cologne, Germany, the breathtaking views that it offers, of the panoramic Rhine, is unmatchable! It is a once in a lifetime experience and believe me you will agree that the ride was worth whatever it cost. April 26, 1957, is the date when it was opened and in this year itself the cable car had the opportunity of transporting over 15 million passengers! The President of Germany, Theodor Heuss, and Federal Chancellor and former Mayor of Cologne, Konrad Adenauer are only few … Continue reading


Home to about a million of people, the city of Cologne lies in the west of Germany along the banks of the River Rhine. The city boasts a large number of top attractions, from modern art galleries to a chocolate museum. Cologne is Germany’s fourth largest city spreading out to n area of around 405 square kilometres. The city can be divided into 9 different boroughs, with this further split up into 86 distinct quarters. These city quarters are known as Veedel, Colognes traditional neighbourhoods, and they each hold something different to delight the large number of visitors who descend … Continue reading


Built by Wilhelm Vernukken, during 1569-1573, the loggia in the town hall of Cologne is a sight to behold. Its façade has a marked Renaissance characteristic and most historians consider its loggia a most typical Renaissance building. Its architecture is appreciated by all as are the sculptures and carvings present. The town hall was originally built to serve as a connection between the city council and citizenry. Often morning addresses were held here by the council. However today, this link has become very informal. It even has an open façade where fans can boost their idols with their cheering. A … Continue reading


Phantasialand, an out of the world theme park, is located in Bruhl, Germany, and is very close to Cologne. It provides a once in a lifetime experience and is beyond everything you can ever imagine.  Men and women of all ages will enjoy themselves immensely. Its various rides will make you catch your breath, while the adrenaline rush will leave you speechless. You can get there by the ICE International which makes 7 runs a day to Cologne. From Cologne you have to change trains in from track 6 to track 9. The total time for this is 3 hours. … Continue reading


Cologne is blessed with many green spaces, especially public parks and landscaped gardens. Cologne has 2 park areas encircling the city and nearly the entire town, respectively, which were set aside as public recreation areas after World War I. Most notably are Volksgarten, Rheinpark, Hiroshima-Nagasaki and Stadtgarten parks where thousands of people come together to enjoy the sun, play and barbecue when the weather is fine. All these parks have an associated beer garden. Here are some of the famous parks of Cologne: City Garden (Stadtgarten) at Venloer Strasse 40, Belgisches Viertel, Cologne, D-50672, Germany, DE This park dates back … Continue reading

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