Hotels were once considered as just a place to stay for a few days. It is because of those people who stayed in hotels had very fewer expectations. But that is not the case now. Things have entirely changed; the hospitality industry is indulging in a lot of things to set the bar high and live up the expectations of people.

It does not matter how the hotels go that extra mile to innovate new things. There are certain basic things that every hotel should offer to qualify themselves as a good hotel. There a few hotels like Southpole Central Hotel that offers the best services. In this article, we will discuss the basic things that a hotel should offer.


It does not matter if you are taking a room that costs 50 dollars a night or 5000 dollars a night, keeping the rooms and the entire property clean is one of the must do things. When we mean cleanliness it includes the staging area, bathrooms, and lobby. They say that we should not decide on things based on their appearance. But hotels are an exception when it comes to that.

Safety and security

In the olden days, you might have seen that most of the hotels would have mentioned that they will not take responsibility for any of the guest’s belongings. If that is the case today, that hotel will not have any business. The moment the customers see that sign that will definitely leave the premises. In the current situation, it is mandatory for the hotels to offer complete security to the guests from the moment they step into the gate. This includes safety alarms, and 24/7 security camera monitoring.

Comfortable accommodation

When the guest stays in the hotel, they should feel comfortable during the say. Some of the things that would contribute to the comfortability of the guest are well-maintained rooms, good furniture, and good service. Before the guest occupies the rooms,  it is essential for the for the hotel management to make sure that everything in the room is in the best condition so that the guest will be completely satisfied. The furniture should be perfectly maintained. If there is any damage, it should be repaired at the earliest, or it should be replaced especially the bedding.


In most of the cases, people do not eat food at the hotels. But if at all they order anything the food must of the best quality. One of the common complaints that we hear from the guest is that the complementary break was bad. Most of the hotels offer breakfast as a compliment. But just because it is a compliment, it does not mean that it can taste bad. It is essential to serve the best quality food to the guest.

Check in and check out

Times are gone when the check in and check out were done in the front desk. Now a day it is done through phones or tablets. So hotels should adopt these latest technologies to make things easy for the guests.