Sinulog festival is one of the most famous festivals in the Philippines, where millions of people gather from all around the world to Cebu City. This is one festival where people from different parts of the globe come together to witness these celebrations. This is a very magnificent festival which is referred to as the “mother of all festivals”. This is a very colourful festival where many well-made costumes are made, where all the dancers are dressed beautifully and dance to the tunes of music which brings everyone together. Everyone moves to the beats of the drums, trumpets and the native songs which leave the whole audience in awe of the festival and try to ceases the night with them. The Sinulog festival is a celebration in Cebu city which occurs every third Sunday if January to honour the birth of Child Jesus or as they call it Santo Nino. This festival starts with a ritualistic dance which tells the whole story of the pagan Past, which is widely accepted in Christianity.

The World Sinulog’ when translated means “Graceful Dancers’, this is where it all had started was in the year 1980s where the simple dancers used to dance on the sounds of the river Sulog which is situated in the river of Cebu. There has been a lot of evolution which one can see as this is a one-month long tradition in Cebu. It is one of the most awaited festivals especially due to the Sinulog Grand Parade which is generally held in 15th day of Jan. They always have a theme that allows them to go about with it, and each year they try to bring out a theme which can leave you with a happy smile. This is one festival which is going to last a long time, and it is important that you make sure you have a stay fixed and Southpole Central Hotel’s Sinulog Festival 2020 has some element to it which can help you keep up with the theme of the Sinulog.

This festival is gaining a lot of popularity which is attracting more and more customers each year and is becoming more and more commercialised. This festival does not have a lot of costumes and dances where the contestants exhibit their artwork, beauty pageants are conducted, and there are many photo contests. Participants can easily come and join the festival’s activities as they can enjoy concerts, cultural shows, fireworks and fun runs. This festival has also embraced the perks of technology which allows one to enjoy the festival live on Television or online streaming platform. With the number of people gathering here it the festival depicts its grandness on a scale like no other.