Cologne is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in Europe. And it has many tourist attractions in it due to which it remains populated throughout the year. The city is surrounded by many beautiful and attractive countries of the world, therefore, it provides you the facility to visit several other countries when you are in Cologne.

Today, we are going to talk about the most beautiful countries near Cologne because people usually get confused when they see such a huge number of options available. This article will help you decide that which countries you should visit when you are in Cologne. Here are the top 8 nearest countries to visit while in Cologne.

The Netherland

The Netherland is a very beautiful country with lots of tourist attractions in it. So, you must take a visit to this country when you are in Cologne. The best part is that you can easily reach this country by train. You can find information about train timings on the official website.


If you are not interested in visiting the Netherlands, then Belgium is the second most beautiful option available to visit when you are in Cologne. Belgium is a very popular country and every year thousands of visitors come to experience the beauty of this country.


France is undoubtedly the country for lovebirds. If you are traveling with your soul mate, you should take a visit to France. Paris is the most beautiful city in France that everybody loves to visit at least once in their life. So, you should not miss this opportunity if you are in Cologne because you can take the train to reach the most desired destination in the world.


Denmark is also filled with lots of tourist attractions. It has the pride of serving thousands of visitors every year. The main beauty of Denmark is Greenland island that is popular all around the world. Travelers that come from Cologne can get a special discount at hotelit grönland. So, you should avail this opportunity and see the beauty of Denmark.

United Kingdom

There is no need to talk about the beauty of United Kingdom because everybody knows it very well. You can plan your tour where you’d take a train from Paris and reach the United Kingdom for an incredible journey.


Austria is also a very beautiful country and it also hosts a lot of visitors every year. The historical value of this country attracts a lot of visitors. Make sure that you this country while you are in Cologne.


Switzerland is also a very beautiful country that deserves a visit if you love nature. The natural beauty that you can experience in this country is rarely found elsewhere. So, you must go there to collect some incredible memories.


If you are a food lover, then a visit to Italy is a must because there are many delicious meals that you can try when you are in Italy. So, don’t forget to plan a visit to Italy when you are in Cologne.